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What sets our Criminal Defense representation apart from the herd is our talented ability to efficiently negotiate deals with Madison area prosecutors. At Conway Law Firm, our savvy Criminal Defense approach chips away at the case of the Madison prosecution; finding their weaknesses can leave the courts open to dropping or reducing your criminal charges and recommending a lighter sentence.

At Conway Law Firm, we concentrate all efforts on our clients’ Criminal Defense cases. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in or around the Madison area, or if you have another critical legal need, reach out to us today, and get started with an experienced and dedicated Criminal Defense firm to better assist you with your case.

Determining who will represent you or a loved one following a serious criminal arrest within the Madison area can be an incredibly difficult decision. The legal professionals of our Criminal Defense firm, Conway Law Firm, make this decision easy by offering 18 years of practice towards your case. In developing so much Criminal Defense knowledge and courtroom experience, we hope to guarantee your proper representation and vindication in your most difficult and challenging time.

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After 18 years of diligent practice, the legal professionals at Conway Law Firm have come to understand how deeply important proper representation is in the Madison area court system. Criminal Defense matters can have drastic effects on your life. We at Conway Law Firm want to make sure your Criminal Defense case is properly heard. Call us at (203) 624-1400 now to ensure that happens.

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