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At Conway Law Firm, our main goal is to provide you with the representation you deserve to improve your chances of resolving your criminal defense charges. We are trained to analyze and scrutinize every detail of our New Haven area clients’ matters. We want to help find the best approach to dealing with, attacking, and finding a resolution for your criminal defense matter in as efficient and effective manner as possible.

When you choose to work with Conway Law Firm, we provide you with information regarding your criminal defense case throughout every step of the process. We have 18 years of experience working with clients facing these kinds of charges, and if you are in or near New Haven, you can benefit from working with us today.

We understand the ways in which criminal defense charges can change your life in a second. The legal team of Conway Law Firm does not want you to stand alone or with a public defender’s poor representation in the New Haven area courthouse. We use our 18 years of experience to make sure the criminal justice system will not be abused against you during your criminal defense case.

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In the New Haven area, our criminal defense defense lawyers are standing by to help you with your case. Let us use our 18 years of experience to create a defense that can greatly improve your chances of reducing charges or erasing all charges in your New Haven area cases. Call us today at (203) 624-1400 to take advantage of our services.

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