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Helping clients of the Meriden area, the professionals at Conway Law Firm strive to provide strong and dedicated defenses in Criminal Defense charges. Regardless of leveled accusations, our firm will put our 18 years of experience towards building your successful defense.

At Conway Law Firm, we know that every Criminal Defense case is a unique situation, and therefore, diligently prepare for each Meriden area court case. Our Criminal Defense firm has 18 years of experience working in the Meriden area, making us a good fit for your Criminal Defense situation.


Criminal Defense legal charges can change your entire life in an instant. From the moment you are processed by Meriden police, to your very first appearance in court, you will be living through a stress unlike any you have had to deal with before. At Conway Law Firm, we know how difficult this time can be, so we walk with our clients through every step of the process and ensure they never feel alone.

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For the legal representatives at Conway Law Firm, nothing is more important than protecting your rights. If you are faced with Criminal Defense matters in the Meriden area, call us for the confidence that 18 years of experience can bring to the courtroom. Call (203) 624-1400 today.

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