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Over our 18 years of experience, we at Conway Law Firm have learned a few things about what it takes to be a great firm and successfully take on Criminal Defense cases. We take the time to focus on all aspects of each Criminal Defense legal proceeding. The team at Conway Law Firm continuously works hard to make sure our services are as effective as possible.

Depending on the severity of your Criminal Defense charge, you could be facing prison time, lengthy probation, fines, and more. A conviction from Criminal Defense charges can easily ruin your life in the Wallingford area, preventing your ability to find even basic work. At Conway Law Firm, we work night and day to try and prevent this from happening to our clients.

When you work with Conway Law Firm, you can count on our 18 years of experience to give us an upper hand when representing your Criminal Defense case. We provide you with strategic representation and help you to understand the entire Criminal Defense process in Wallingford area courts.

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In your Criminal Defense case, no one on your Wallingford area jury will have seen your story. Their decisions will be based upon the legal representations provided by each party. After 18 years of practice, we at Conway Law Firm feel confident in our ability to ensure that your story is properly told. Call us at (203) 624-1400 to experience that confidence today.

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