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At our criminal firm, you will be working with an attorney who has extensive experience in similar Hamden based cases. At Conway Law Firm, we give the same level of explicit attention to every case from every client in Hamden. We know you depend on us to help you get through your criminal matters.

When you have been accused of criminal charges, the stakes involved could not be higher. You could be in danger of facing serious legal consequences in Hamden area courts. At Conway Law Firm, we put our 18 years of experience to work for you, striving diligently to ensure you never face such consequences.

We at Conway Law Firm will immediately immerse ourselves in the specific details of your case. The professionals of Conway Law Firm are trained to always be focused and ready to ask follow-up questions about the circumstances surrounding your criminal case. Representing our clients as they face their criminal case is something that the legal team of Conway Law Firm takes seriously. We will not just tell you what we think you should do, but educate you on all the issues surrounding your criminal legal situation, offering guidance in each step of the process.

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If you find yourself facing criminal problems, be sure to rely on the 18 years of experience offered by Conway Law Firm. We strive to ensure our clients of the Hamden area are well represented and knowledgeable in their cases and situations. Do not hesitate to call us at (203) 624-1400.

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