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Trust Conway Law Firm to help you through your Criminal charges. We have seen plenty of clients become rightfully overwhelmed by their Criminal charges in North Haven courts. We know that our 18 years of experience gives us the upper hand when it comes to helping you.

Conway Law Firm can help you prepare an efficient and smart defense to present in court when facing trial for your Criminal charge. We have a track record of helping North Haven area clients through the litigation process and coming to successful results such as reduction of jail time, reduced fines, and even dropped charges.

If a negotiated plea is not an option, the Criminal representation at Conway Law Firm will take your case to trial. Our Criminal firm is well known as masters of the courtroom, able to thoroughly prepare, investigate, and aggressively cross-examine prosecutorial witnesses within the North Haven area. Clients who choose to retain Criminal representation from Conway Law Firm can feel confident in the defense they are being provided, and their loved ones can feel content that they are being protected within the North Haven area.

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If you are drowning in Criminal problems, call a lifeline at Conway Law Firm. Our professional team will work diligently to ensure your case receives proper representation in North Haven area courts. Call Conway Law Firm and stop North Haven prosecutors from walking over your case.

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