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Here at Conway Law Firm, we hold extensive experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in federal and state courtrooms throughout the East Haven area. We provide legal guidance backed by our 18 years of experience, making us equipped to handle even the toughest criminal trial cases.

The representatives of Conway Law Firm stand together as a unique entity in the East Haven area. What distinguishes us from other law offices is the significant amount of effort we put into reading every detail of your criminal trial case. Any criminal trial situation you might be facing deserves a meticulous team who will find the best way to build a defense for you. Trust the team at Conway Law Firm to give you the support you need in the East Haven area.

Our firm at Conway Law Firm is built on the idea that our clients deserve top-quality legal representation for their criminal trial cases. With 18 years of experience in defending clients, we can ensure that your specific criminal trial case will be thoroughly represented. Clients in the East Haven area know to expect nothing short of excellent and dedicated service from our firm. We will ensure that you get the representation you deserve for your case in the East Haven area courts.

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