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Conway Law Firm has years of experience working on Criminal Trial cases and striving towards the goals of our clients. In our experience, we have seen many successful Criminal Trial cases get resolved, and we look forward to achieving a successful outcome for your case.

Here at Conway Law Firm, we have defended clients throughout Meriden facing both state and federal criminal charges. Everything from minor charges to a possible felony, our Criminal Trial legal team has the experience to help you through your case. You do not have to be a celebrity to receive top-quality legal advice and help in the Meriden area. We at Conway Law Firm are here to serve your interests and resolve your case as effectively and efficiently as possible.

You do not have to live the rest of your life with the burden of a past Criminal Trial charge. If you are facing this troubling time in or around the Meriden area, call us, Conway Law Firm, and we will help develop a plan to find the best solution for your predicament.

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Meriden area courtrooms do not take Criminal Trial matters lightly and neither should you. If you face Criminal Trial charges, rely on a professional and aggressive legal representative like the legal team at Conway Law Firm for a greater chance at proper representation. Call us at (203) 624-1400 now for a proper defense in your case.

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