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You do not have to live the rest of your life with the burden of a past dwi defense charge. If you are facing this troubling time in or around the North Haven area, call us, Conway Law Firm, and we will help develop a plan to find the best solution for your predicament.

If you are facing dwi defense charges in the North Haven area, you need to work with Conway Law Firm to ensure a swift return to normality. We work hard with our North Haven area clients to ensure a result of just defense, plea bargain, or trial acquittal.

Finding the right representation for your dwi defense case is important. When you are charged with a crime, it can potentially affect you for the rest of your life, so working with a representative in the North Haven area from Conway Law Firm can improve your chances of having a better outcome.

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In order to continue providing the best dwi defense legal advice possible, Conway Law Firm plans on working closely with all of our clients in the North Haven to ensure the best-case results. Give our offices a call today at (203) 624-1400 and we will speak about how we can help you move forward with your case. 

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