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Here at Conway Law Firm, we are invested in your success, and we take pride in our ability to ensure the proper handling of our clients’ West Haven area cases. The name, Conway Law Firm, stands for an almost obsessive attention to detail and assurance that your DWI Defense case will be properly handled.

Not every DWI Defense lawyer can truly appreciate your case. We at Conway Law Firm hold personal experience in assisting clients with different cases from all over the West Haven area. We work hard to ensure that our 18 years of experience working on these cases can provide our clients with satisfactory representation. We want your DWI Defense case to get resolved. Your legal rights are our priority, so we care about helping you find a resolution to your DWI Defense matter as quickly as possible. 

If you are facing DWI Defense charges, you know just how difficult the situation is for you. At Conway Law Firm, we help clients of the West Haven area facing these issues by providing representation they can count on.

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Do not face your prosecutor without our 18 years of passionate practice behind you. Facing DWI Defense charges in the West Haven area can be overwhelming, but we at Conway Law Firm can be your beacon through the fog. At Conway Law Firm, we strive to provide the best DWI Defense representation possible. Call us at (203) 624-1400 for proper consultation today.

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