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Here at Conway Law Firm, we have defended clients throughout Wallingford facing both state and federal criminal charges. Everything from minor charges to a possible felony, our DWI legal team has the experience to help you through your case. You do not have to be a celebrity to receive top-quality legal advice and help in the Wallingford area. We at Conway Law Firm are here to serve your interests and resolve your case as effectively and efficiently as possible.

At Conway Law Firm, we are dedicated to ensuring our Wallingford area proper and deserved representation. We know that DWI matters are not simple, and everyone makes mistakes. Conway Law Firm will provide the case work you need.

Facing DWI charges can change your life. With a past DWI charge on your record, employers throughout the Wallingford area may be hesitant about giving you an opportunity. Avoid this predicament by trusting Conway Law Firm to help you through those tough times and give you the defense you need.

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Wallingford area prosecutors will fight viciously to win their cases. If you are facing DWI matters, be sure your case is properly protected by a professional. The representatives of Conway Law Firm hold 18 years of practice with Wallingford area clients. Call us at Conway Law Firm for proper representation.

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