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The legal team of Conway Law Firm holds 18 years of experience representing clients in negotiations throughout the East Haven area. When speaking with opposing counsel, your concerns are the only things on our mind. We will work hard with East Haven area professionals to help you achieve a resolution in your drug possession matter. We are well versed in East Haven area case law. We know all the relevant rules of evidence and procedure and will assert your rights during your East Haven trial.

When you work with Conway Law Firm, you can sit tight knowing your defense is in capable and experienced hands. With 18 years of experience, we have learned how to represent East Haven area clients and get the most beneficial and realistic results from their drug possession issue.

At Conway Law Firm, in East Haven, we know the majority of those who come to us are good honest people that are just in need of legal guidance. With our 18 years of experience, we know going through your drug possession case is a tough point in your life, and you want someone that can best represent your interest in the scrutinizing environment many experience in East Haven area courtrooms. 

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After 18 years of diligent practice, the legal professionals at Conway Law Firm have come to understand how deeply important proper representation is in the East Haven area court system. Drug possession matters can have drastic effects on your life. We at Conway Law Firm want to make sure your drug possession case is properly heard. Call us at (203) 624-1400 now to ensure that happens.

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