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When you need a determined team who can produce results in the Meriden area, look no further than the legal professionals at Conway Law Firm. We have 18 years history of helping clients throughout Meriden and the surrounding areas. Our reputation stands for reading into every detail of your Drug Possession case and offering proper representation and a fair chance at justice.  No matter the specific criminal allegations, trust the Drug Possession professionals at Conway Law Firm.

At Conway Law Firm, we provide experienced Drug Possession defense for clients facing daunting charges. You deserve to have more than just a public defender standing by your side in the Meriden area court. The legal team of Conway Law Firm wants to provide you with a defense you can count on.

At Conway Law Firm, nothing offends us more than the idea of an innocent person from our Meriden community wrongly sentenced. The law exists to protect people, but too often prosecutors trample on the rights of the Drug Possession defendant to drive up their conviction rates.

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