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The mission of our Felony law office is to give each client the individual attention his or her case deserves. We use our knowledge of local East Haven area, state, and federal law to fully research and investigate every case, finding the best possible legal strategies to defend you. For 18 years, the legal team of Conway Law Firm has defended the rights of those facing charges throughout the East Haven area. As a client and member of the family at Conway Law Firm, you can sleep easy, knowing someone is on your side, fighting for you. With our Felony practice, you know you have professional and passionate people working hard on your case.

In our 18 years of experience, we have seen that no two legal problems are ever the same. Different circumstances surround different Felony cases, so at Conway Law Firm, we know we must constantly adapt to differing cases to provide efficient representation in East Haven courts.

Facing Felony charges near East Haven? The legal team at Conway Law Firm has provided Felony representation to clients from all over the East Haven area, helping them get ahead. We know how to successfully litigate in your Felony trial, so all you have to do is work with us.


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