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The legal team of Conway Law Firm has defended wrongly accused individuals for over 18 years. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and defending you in the Hamden area court of law. We review each Felony case thoroughly to ensure our better preparation of your defense.

We at Conway Law Firm are committed to our clients from the moment each step through our door. If you are arrested, the professionals at Conway Law Firm can help you get a fair bail hearing in the Hamden area. We will help you understand every aspect of your Felony case and help you move past the entire matter. We are fierce negotiators and can help you achieve a fair settlement in your Felony case.

Every individual has the right to defend themselves in court, but within the Hamden area, this is almost never a wise decision over utilizing a skilled Felony firm. At Conway Law Firm, our Felony representation is aggressive and overwhelming for the prosecutor. With 18 years of practice, we at Conway Law Firm have learned to be open and honest in our opinions about client options and penalties.


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After 18 years of practice, we at Conway Law Firm hold a reputation for professional and passionate representation for Hamden area clients. If you have suffered from Felony matters, be sure to call us at Conway Law Firm for some peace of mind in your case.

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