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When you face felony charges in the Hamden area, you are facing a major decision in your life: with which law firm should you trust your case? At Conway Law Firm, we stand by our clients to the end, ensuring their understanding and support through every step of the trial process for felony charges.

Over our 18 years of experience, we at Conway Law Firm have learned a few things about what it takes to be a great firm and successfully take on felony cases. We take the time to focus on all aspects of each felony legal proceeding. The team at Conway Law Firm continuously works hard to make sure our services are as effective as possible.

At Conway Law Firm, we know that every felony situation is unique. You deserve an attorney who will give your case the attention it deserves in Hamden area courts. We want to learn your story to be better prepared for defending your felony situation. Trust our professional team at Conway Law Firm to give your case the hope and help you deserve. 


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After 18 years of practice, we at Conway Law Firm hold a reputation for professional and passionate representation for Hamden area clients. If you have suffered from felony matters, be sure to call us at Conway Law Firm for some peace of mind in your case.

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