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At Conway Law Firm, our firm holds 18 years of Hamden area criminal law experience. No felony case is too tough for our team. We have helped countless clients facing felony charges throughout the Hamden area. Our professionals at Conway Law Firm know just how to review a unique case and form your needed defense.

In our 18 years of experience, we have seen that no two legal problems are ever the same. Different circumstances surround different felony cases, so at Conway Law Firm, we know we must constantly adapt to differing cases to provide efficient representation in Hamden courts.

At Conway Law Firm, we want to help those who feel wrongly charged in the Hamden regardless of what point they stand in their felony trial. Beginning or end, good representation from Conway Law Firm could make all the difference in your case.


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After 18 years of practice, we at Conway Law Firm hold a reputation for professional and passionate representation for Hamden area clients. If you have suffered from felony matters, be sure to call us at Conway Law Firm for some peace of mind in your case.

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