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The legal team of Conway Law Firm has been helping clients throughout West Haven get the representation they need for over 18 years. We know how difficult dealing with your grand theft charge can be, and how much more difficult it is returning to normal after the trial. We have helped clients throughout the West Haven area find all sorts of resolutions for their grand theft cases, and we are confident we can help you do the same.

At Conway Law Firm, we believe time is too valuable to waste. The most critical window for defense work in West Haven area courts may be the first few days following an arrest, or even prior to formal charges being filed. By starting immediately, we can get a solid head start on your grand theft case.

Finding the right representation for your grand theft case is important. When you are charged with a crime, it can potentially affect you for the rest of your life, so working with a representative in the West Haven area from Conway Law Firm can improve your chances of having a better outcome.

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