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Here at Conway Law Firm, a defense attorney will earnestly and aggressively defend your rights. With many of our lawyers holding 18 years of experience, your rights will be properly considered, and your case will be treated with the professional focus it deserves. Our firm has helped dozens of East Haven area clients in their marijuana possession cases.

Marijuana possession charges are serious matters that can potentially damage your life. When you work with Conway Law Firm, we attempt every possible solution for our East Haven area clients, striving to break them free of such charges.

If you are facing marijuana possession charges, you have surely learned that one of the most intimidating aspects of the East Haven area criminal justice system is the courtroom. In the surrounding East Haven area, courts have their own unique ways of working; here at Conway Law Firm, we are familiar enough with the courts to feel comfortable and confident in defending our clients. Marijuana possession cases vary, and they are all unique; let the professionals of Conway Law Firm take on the challenge and leave you worry-free.

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Taken too lightly, marijuana possession matters can ruin your life in the East Haven area. After 18 years of practice, our legal professionals at Conway Law Firm have seen numerous people unsuccessfully handle their marijuana possession case alone. Call Conway Law Firm and let us help you.

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