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At Conway Law Firm, we work hard to get our Hamden clients the best possible representation in their Petty Theft case. Over 18 years of working on these matters, we have had many successful outcomes for our clients. Our duty at Conway Law Firm is to provide you with knowledgeable and effective representation towards your Petty Theft case.


The legal representatives of Conway Law Firm have proved crucially helpful to Hamden area clients in all sorts of Petty Theft cases. Our 18 years of experience have allowed us to gain knowledge on the best ways to prepare these cases. At Conway Law Firm, our clients enjoy a highly motivated and professional firm that puts their needs first when building defenses.

Conway Law Firm can help you prepare an efficient and smart defense to present in court when facing trial for your Petty Theft charge. We have a track record of helping Hamden area clients through the litigation process and coming to successful results such as reduction of jail time, reduced fines, and even dropped charges.

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In Petty Theft situations, defendants of Hamden area courts have an unfortunate disposition of bias from the start. Do not let Hamden area prosecutors dominate your Petty Theft case. After 18 years of practice, we at Conway Law Firm feel confident in our abilities to help you. Call us at (203) 624-1400 to utilize those abilities today.

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