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At Conway Law Firm, we stand as an experienced and skilled Petty Theft firm with professionals who are always prepared to fight for our clients in court. While we have seen cases in the New Haven area settled without a trial, our 18 years of practice tells us having a lawyer with you will improve your knowledge of the process and will give you a leg up in trial.

Petty Theft charges can ruin your chances at a normal life in the New Haven area. At Conway Law Firm, we know how difficult and traumatizing these events can be. Our clients’ wellbeing becomes our motivation for helping them through their Petty Theft charges. We will work hard to find you an appropriate solution in resolving your Petty Theft matter. 

Working with Conway Law Firm, you will receive a team with firsthand knowledge on Petty Theft cases gained from 18 years of experience. Our clients in New Haven also enjoy our attentive service and thorough guidance.

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We at Conway Law Firm are passionate about proper representation in the New Haven area legal system. Prosecutors will fight diligently against your Petty Theft case, so be sure to have someone on your side to ensure your story is heard. With 18 years of experience, we at Conway Law Firm want to help you. Call us at (203) 624-1400 to start your representation now.

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