Criminal Defense

The Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation You Need

At Conway Law Firm, LLC, attorney Glenn M. Conway has been representing people in the greater New Haven area who have been accused of crimes since 1997. Whether you face a felony or misdemeanor charge for a state or federal crime, you need to know your rights and be well informed as to what your options are. Attorney Conway has trial experience ranging from a roaming dog charge to murder and everything in between.

Types Of Cases Handled At Conway Law Firm, LLC

Attorney Conway confidently handles cases in many different areas of criminal law, including but not limited to:

  • DWI, DUI and motor vehicle offenses: Drunk driving cases are taken very seriously in Connecticut and throughout the country. Even first-time offenders are facing the suspension of their driver’s licenses, large monetary fines, jail time and other consequences. Whether you have been arrested or cited for a DUI (driving under the influence), a DWI (driving while intoxicated), speeding, texting while driving or another offense, you need representation.
  • Drug offenses: If you are charged with a drug crime such as possession, possession with intent to sell, sale or distribution, trafficking or other crimes involving marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, prescription drugs or other drugs, do not just plead guilty. Fight the charges to protect your reputation, rights and freedom.
  • Violent crimes: Whether it’s murder (homicide), weapons charges, serious assault, kidnapping, domestic assault or spousal abuse, any violent crime is going to be handled very strongly in state or federal court. The consequences are extremely severe, with convictions potentially resulting in life in prison for the most serious crimes.
  • Sex crimes: Sexual assault, rape, possession of child pornography and other sex crimes are very serious. A conviction can leave a stigma on your life and result in you having to register as a sex offender for life.
  • Property crimes: Even the most seemingly minor theft offense can catch the attention of an aggressive prosecutor. Attorney Conway handles all types of property crime cases, including shoplifting, theft, larceny, robbery, burglary and more. The severity of the consequences typically depends on what was taken and the value of the item.
  • Police misconduct: When the police have violated procedure or otherwise committed misconduct against you, attorney Conway can step in to build a strong case on your behalf and work to protect you from any unwarranted charges or convictions that are related to the misconduct.

Do Not Take Chances With Your Future

If you are facing criminal charges, take action to protect yourself, your family and your future and contact Conway Law Firm, LLC, in New Haven. You can use the online contact form to schedule a free consultation or call the firm at 203-624-1400.