Domestic Violence

Assertive Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

If you are facing domestic violence charges in Connecticut, you need to contact a New Haven domestic violence attorney immediately. The long-term consequences of these charges can be severe. What many do not realize is that even if the alleged victim of domestic abuse decides not to press charges, prosecutors may pursue the case anyway. Domestic violence is most easily described as any act of alleged violence against a family or household member, and the penalties can be very serious.

In nearly all cases, incidents of domestic violence are prosecuted as felony charges. If you fail to work with a New Haven domestic violence attorney, you could be facing jail time, serious fines and requirements to register in anger management courses. Conway Law Firm, LLC, brings the criminal defense experience and the assertive approach that is necessary to minimize the impact of a domestic violence charge.

Hiring A New Haven Domestic Violence Attorney

When you are searching for an attorney to defend you, it is important to hire someone with a proven track record of defending against charges. In some cases, there are ways to have the charges dismissed, including:

  • Establishing an alibi: Unfortunately, some charges of domestic violence are made for retaliation purposes, and the alleged attack may have occurred when you were elsewhere. This is often easy to prove, providing your defense attorney asks you the right questions.
  • Witness statement errors: One of the most important tools your New Haven domestic violence attorney has access to is the statements of both witnesses and victims. Frequently, the victim and witnesses are asked to repeat their statements multiple times. In many cases, we can find inconsistencies in these statements that can help prove the incident never occurred.
  • Self-defense: Police are nearly always required to arrest someone when they receive a domestic violence call. Occasionally, they make snap decisions at the scene that later prove to be inaccurate.

Understanding The Long-Term Penalties

If you are found guilty of a domestic violence incident, the penalties can range from probation with attendance in anger management classes to steep fines and jail time. In addition, you may be prevented from having unsupervised visits with your children, and you could jeopardize child custody arrangements.

Domestic violence charges should always be taken seriously since a guilty verdict will also mean a permanent police record. When you hire an attorney, the lawyer’s goal is always to provide you with the best possible defense against all domestic violence charges and violation of protective order charges.

It is important to remember that domestic violence does not solely apply to physical violence. Charges of domestic violence can be lodged for stalking, harassment and verbal abuse. Family members may include not only a spouse but a parent, sibling or child who lives in the home as well as former partners from long-term relationships.

Your freedom could be at stake if you are charged with any type of domestic violence. In addition, a guilty finding that results in a felony conviction also means that your opportunities for housing, employment and even credit could be jeopardized in the future. Never take a chance and think that you can fight these charges on your own.

As a New Haven domestic violence attorney, Glenn M. Conway is prepared to help you mount a defense. He will serve as your advocate and do everything within his power to get the charges reduced or dismissed. Call him today at 203-624-1400 for a free consultation.

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