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In 2011, Connecticut decriminalized possession of marijuana in quantities of less than 1 ounce. Typically, those who are apprehended with small quantities are given a ticket and asked to pay a fine. In most cases, they think they do not need a New Haven drug charge defense attorney, but this is not accurate.

In the fine print of your ticket, you will notice that these tickets are being reported to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles and are being counted against you. In addition to putting your driver’s license in jeopardy, you may also be dealing with higher automobile insurance costs.

Hire A New Haven Drug Charge Defense Attorney For Possession of Marijuana

While paying a small fine – usually $50 to $100 – may seem fairly simple, most people are unaware of the potential longer-term consequences of paying these tickets. In effect, you are pleading guilty to possession of marijuana. Some of the potential problems you could encounter later include:

  • Second offenses: If you have paid one ticket and receive a second (or subsequent) ticket for possession, you may be forced to take a drug counseling course ordered by the court.
  • Employment problems: Since you have pled guilty to possession of marijuana, even though you never had to go to court, you could face problems with employment. Financial services companies and others who run background checks will be able to see any guilty pleas for possession.
  • Possession under age 21: Those who are under the age of 21 who pay a fine for marijuana possession will also forfeit their drivers’ licenses for a period of 60 days. In addition, these suspensions will be part of their permanent driving records.
  • Insurance issues: Since many insurance companies, including automobile and life insurance companies, run background checks, you may be facing a policy cancellation or increased premiums if you pay a ticket without consulting with a New Haven drug defense attorney.

A New Haven Drug Charge Defense Attorney Can Help With Other Charges

Drug charges can be complicated, and marijuana is not the only drug that you may be arrested for possessing. In some cases, you may have asked someone for an aspirin for a back problem and instead were given OxyContin or other equally strong drugs. If you are pulled over for a traffic stop and are found to be in possession of any controlled substances, you could be facing drug charges, including prescription drug abuse.

No matter what types of drugs you are arrested with, you have the right to a competent New Haven drug charge defense attorney. Too often, people plead guilty without having the benefit of an attorney simply because they do not want to spend the time necessary to fight the charges. This is a big mistake and one that could have significant repercussions.

If you are given a ticket for marijuana possession or you are arrested on any other type of drug charges, contact the Conway Law Firm, LLC, at 203-624-1400 immediately.

As a New Haven drug charge defense attorney, attorney Glenn M. Conway has successfully defended people in both New York and Connecticut for a variety of drug charges. Do not try to defend yourself, and never plead guilty without consulting with a drug defense attorney.

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